We supply all top-end ‘scopes at best prices, and import very good value budget and mid-range optics directly from Chinese and Japanese manufacturers. Fox imports custom bullets, and specialist kit for ammunition loaders and precision competitors, in addition to supplying all shooting products on the UK market.

We put sport first, and our products will get you where you want to be, for less.

For advice, prices, and to place an order, please ‘phone on 0161 430 8278 or 07941 958464, any day – sorry, but we struggle with e-mails!

FOX CUSTOM. We build a few hunting and target rifles using quality components, and precision work, though our main business is supplying components to custom riflesmiths. Our prices are intended to promote sport, and accuracy is assured. We pride ourselves on guiding you through the confusion, so you end up with the right rifle for your purpose.

For hunting, COOPER rifles are probably the best available, world-wide, short of spending thousands on top-quality custom rifles. Indeed, they may be fairly described as ‘semi-custom’ arms, and we believe nothing can compete in anything like their price range. Each Cooper is built to order, but we always have a few in stock.


KEPPELER manufacture precision rifles, mainly employing their fully adjustable aluminium stocks, primarily for TR and Three-Positional competition. With the appropriate accessories, they are superb for F-Class and F-TR, and have already proved themselves in this classification. Keppeler also build rifles for the Hunter Class, which is more popular abroad. Their Bull-Pup Police Sniper has to be seen to appreciate the build quality. Characteristic of all Keppeler products is superb design and engineering, backed by the competition experience of their builder.

KELBLY need no introduction to the precision fraternity, with rifles for bench-rest, F-Class, and Varminting. These are true custom arms of highest quality, proven in international competition. We stock the superb Kelbly BR triggers, and usually have some Stolle actions in stock.

We use, and supply to the trade, match grade barrels by BARTLEIN of America, and TRUE-FLITE of New Zealand. Bartleins are cut rifling, and True-Flites buttoned. Both have a long and impressive list of wins and records to their credit. We also use LOTHAR-WALTHER’s durable barrels, but only in their match grade. The exceptional value, and accurate shooting, BERGARA Barrels are distributed through our sister company GBR. Our barrels stock is large, so we probably have what you require.

We believe that successive governments covered-up monstrous wickedness surrounding the events at Dunblane, resulting in the unfair decimation of target pistol disciplines. Until the wrongs are righted, we will, in conjunction with Westlake Engineering, provide some of the best ‘compromise pistols’ available, to enable your enjoyment of a fine sport. The BUCKMARK pistol is a .22lr auto-loader, with 12” barrel, and rear ‘balance rod’ to comply with section 1. It is not a precision arm, such as a Hammerli, but is very well balanced with the feel of a ‘proper’ pistol. The basic design has been around for a long time, and cycles reliably. It is cheap to shoot, and a lot of fun.

RIFLESCOPES - SPOTTING SCOPES & BINOCULARS. We import budget and mid-range riflescopes, and supply any top-range ‘scope available, at best price. Our budget ‘scopes are Chinese, and marketed as FOX, whereas the mid-range ones are manufactured in Japan as FOX TACTICAL. Budget ‘scopes can permit the same accuracy as top-end ‘scopes, but are more likely to eventually become faulty. In comparison with a more expensive ‘scope, a budget model will have lens coating of a lesser quality, noticeable if the sun is in front of you; its point of aim may vary slightly at different magnifications, and it may not return to zero as accurately. Even if it works perfectly, it is still probable that dearer ‘scopes will last longer. We supply and recommend all the very top-end ‘scopes, but think both our ‘scope ranges represent the very best value in their respective classes.

Also marketed under the FOX name are binoculars and spotting-scopes of high optical and build quality, and simply amazing value; which is why we say, ‘send ‘em back if not delighted!’

HAWKEYE Professional Borescopes seem like an expensive indulgence, but are far cheaper than anything of comparable quality. Their application spans all industries, and they are essential to all firearms professionals, including forensic technicians. Once used, the ‘accuracy nut’ would not be without one; and the professional cannot afford to be – ask any user!

HARRELL’S PRECISION make the best powder dispensers, and a range of loading presses, all designed to be quickly attached to a bench or shelf; so very popular with BR shooters who load at the firing point.

CUSTOM RELOADING TOOLS make an assortment of ‘luxury’ items, currently including aluminium loading blocks and range trays, powder funnels, annealing accessories, a VLD chamfer tool, and a superb barrel vice. You could manage with cheaper versions, but if you want the best – this is it!

We keep extensive stocks of bullets of most manufacturers, and are proud to be UK distributors of the American JLK CUSTOM BULLETS, and Australian HBC CUSTOM BULLETS. JLK produce all the usual competition calibres and weights, and have an exceptional reputation. HBC currently produce only the 155g Palma match bullet, which is match-proven to be top quality. Our commitment to shooting makes these brands easily the best value available.

AMMUNITION LOADING. We supply just about any equipment and loading components on the UK market, to ensure your ammunition is of the highest quality, at the lowest possible price. Special ammunition prices are offered to clubs.

Fox Firearms is extremely proud of our relationship with Sebastian Lambang, an international BR competitor from Indonesia. Seb is a design engineer of the highest integrity, and produces the SEB-COAX Bench Rest, and the sensational NEO-REST, the latter being equally recommended for BR competition, and superb for F-Class. Seb also produces a range of rear bags that are second to none, and we ensure all his products are the finest value anywhere. We recently heard of a Rolls Royce salesman telling a customer, “These cars are the Seb-Rest of the motoring world.”

We put sport first, and our products will get you where you want to be, for less. For advice, prices, and to place an order, please ‘phone on 0161 430 8278 or 07941 958464, any day – sorry, but we struggle with e-mails!

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