The Word is Out on Bore-tips™ - Everyone Loves Them! Get Yours today!

Swab-Its Bore-Tips are a novel alternative to the traditional jag and patch, but we believe they should be used as an additional stage in the cleaning process, particularly to remove copper deposits.  The Bore-Tip is a plastic jag covered by a synthetic sponge jacket. It screws onto a cleaning rod in the conventional way, and can be washed out after use. They are cheap, and they last well. Use Bore-Tips after you have thoroughly cleaned your rifle barrel, and you will see more copper removed!

Solvents rely upon oxygen to be effective, and the sponge jacket of a Bore-Tip jag causes the solvent to foam, in the same way as a sponge in the bath. This foaming of the solvent greatly increases its oxygen content, allowing it to dissolve the copper more efficiently. We suggest running a patch, or a Bore-Tip, with solvent through the bore to remove burnt deposits. Then apply solvent to a clean Bore-Tip, and pump this up and down the barrel until it foams. Leave the foamed solvent, according to the maker's instructions, to do its work, before passing tight patches through. Brushes may be used according to your preference.

As with any method of cleaning, it is important to then clean again - how else would you know if the first clean was 100% effective? Just keep re-cleaning until there is no evidence of copper fouling.  We find that a slack-fitting Bore-Tip produces most foam. However, if you rely upon using a Bore-Tip for the final passes, it must be the correct calibre.

Don't completely soak the Bore-Tip with solvent - it will only squeeze out as it enters the bore!

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